Saturday, January 28, 2017

Guests in Hossa

A moment ago we went with our guests to Hossa to show what we have to offer in winter in northern Finland near the Russian border! Trips were organized by our marketing organisation Wild Taiga. We, me, Pena-husky and photographer Lassi Rautiainen had guests from different countries around the world, most of them from another side of the globe, from Australia! Travel bloggers and journalists, professionals from travel agencies got a nice mix of winter activities and experiences of snow!

Snowshoe trip on the lake - picture Lassi Rautiainen

Snowshoeing, visiting a reindeer farm, cross-country skiing experiences and food by the open fire are the traditional activities we often share with our guests. Upitrek is the biggest company in our area which organizes the winter activities in Hossa.

Pena pulls, and everybody are happy - pic. Lassi Rautiainen

Now we had some new adventures also to offer: snow biking with new fat bikes! Easy trip with four legged friend was a nice experience. On the tour we passed by an old water mill and frozen rapids.  

Jatkonsalmi, old loggers cabin - photo Lassi Rautiainen

Jatkonsalmi, old loggers cabin was suitable for us again. Everybody enjoyed a bit rugged but cosy accommodation far from the hotels and other cabins. Kitchen, toilets and sauna were restored since my last visit in cabin. 

One of the most enjoyable piece of furniture in Jatkonsalmi is a fireplace and a baking oven!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snowshoe hiking trip to Hukantupa wilderness cabin

After a biiig breakfast we started our second days program, snowshoe hiking trip, to Kylmäluoma hiking area and more into the wilderness. Weather was ok, maybe -5, a bit cloudy but nice for a long day walking. I was supposed to make a lunch in half way to Hukantupa wilderness cabin. I picked some vegetables, rice, spices and nice thick salmon fillet with me to my rucksack and let it roll!

We started and had a few info and hydrating pauses during the trip to lunch place. Few wild animal prints were seen on the pristine snow cover and near the Kolkkojärvi wooden shelter we saw our first reindeer couple hiding behind the trees. I made lunch, salmon paella, and we continued after a meal to Hukantupa cabin. We heated up the original wood-heated sauna and were clean, refreshed and ready to our guests first christmas in Finland!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Christmas in Kylmäluoma

We started with skiing in Kylmäluoma hiking center. There was just right amount of snow for few kilometres cross-country skiing trip arond the center. Everybody enjoyed and some of the group wanted to do the track again and again. Nice day with skis to get together and know each other!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

There is always an adventure alternative...

I have heard that there is many nature loving people who live in the big cities around the world dreaming about a holiday in safe, fresh and quiet nature. Enjoy the Finnish and Scandinavian nature with us and explore with the peace in your heart.

Explore, enjoy your holiday or challenge your group with an adventure education course.

All my holidays could be turned into Adventure Education - courses and tailored for every group. Adventure programming could be recreational, educational, developmental or therapeutic for different purposes and groups.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Outdoors and Finnish culture

This morning we went out with Pena-husky. There is a light snow surface on the ground, thin ice cover on the lake.
After a couple hours I had a great possibility to enjoy a local Kalevala (Finnish national epic) community's 50th anniversary and see my daughter singing with the choir. It was fun!

Dog on my shoulder. 

Kids singing old traditional Kalevala songs in Suomussalmi. 

Saturday, November 5, 2016

An outdoor pant-test fat-biking trip with Husky-Pena

Nice day for a little fat bike trip with my husky-Pena. Sun is still here but only couple of hours in a day. So these are the last moments to enjoy the light. After month it will be kaamos, polar-night.
This time I wear first time my new Karrimor Phantom trousers. I bought them from UK web shop Sports Direct. Karrimor is quite old and traditional brand but in my opinion you can not buy them from Finland. But no worries, my order came quickly in three days from GB.

I need a good pair of hardwearing outdoor trousers here in Kainuu and Lapland. Today was good day for testing: a short one hour cycling trip to Lake Kianta in fresh ice-cold breeze from north-east, actually from Siberia.

I like the basic model of pants, loose fit is suitable for different winter-activities like skiing, snowshoeing, ice-climbing, fat-biking and other outdoor fun. Cutting is perfect for my inuit-like body structure.

I wear suspenders which I bought from the local clothing store. It is more comfortable than a belt in my opinion.  I required rain-proof long zippers on the leg sides. Those helps wearing boots and undressing trousers. Another must have thing in my trousers is eVent-membrane. I have found it very safe and good shell in my outdoor clothes. Without well-functioning shell clothing you are in trouble in these arctic conditions. Some times it rains, next moment you get snow and another day is -20 degrees below zero with an ice cold wind.

These simple Karrimor Phantom shell trousers are perfect for me. I really look forward to have them on in action with my quests!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

WAFA - course in Lapland - For your safety

We had a nice few days in Pyhätunturi - Lapland last week and weekend learning the wilderness first aid. Actually the content of the course was quite same as it is in Red Cross courses but noticeable was that we did not had the lessons inside; We went out!

Packaging arm by the open fire

Oh yes fun we had but also the newest knowledge about wilderness medical, first aid and helping people in remote conditions.

WAFA - course in Pyhätunturi

This course was organized locally by Pyhätunturin hiihtokoulu - Pyhätunturi Ski School and in cooperation with Outward Bound Finland. Professional teacher Brad came from US Colorado and had a good very long experience what he was teaching. Very good, I liked that.

Theory of wilderness first-aid

Theory of Wilderness first aid came from US. Simple, easy to understand, even for me!